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Pros Technology is provider of qualified materials for printed circuit board (PCB) assembly and advanced soldering solutions. Our product portfolio delivers cost-effective solutions for any manufacturing challenge.,bóng-đá-ebet

messi-yerba-mate,There are hundreds of different ways in which our electronic adhesives and soldering materials can enhance the quality and efficiency of electronic components.

manchester-united-bong-da,zing play phỏm Across the Board:

♦ Adhesives for Electronics Assembly:

chem hoa quaally conductive Adhesives and Films,ngọc

dánh-chắn,Non-conductive Adhesives and Films

♦ Chip-on-Board (COB) Encapsulants

baccarat-bàn-xếp,COB Encapsulants are designed to ensure environment protection and boost the mechanical strength of wire bonded devices. The products are available as thermal or ultraviolet (UV) cure materials.

♦ Low Pressure Molding Materials

tải-bắn-cá-cho-iphone,As a replacement for potting solution, LPM technology provides a fast and effective manufacturing process. These thermoplastic hotmelts are used at extremely low pressure to effectively encapsulate even the most delicate circuitry. Molding cycle time is faster than potting and processing temperatures are a modest 130 to 240°C, with in-use temperatures ranging from  –40 to +140°C


♦ Solder Materials

liverpool-y-real-madrid,Lead-free solder wire, solder paste, solder bar

truy-câp-facebook,Halogen-free Fluxes RA, RMA, No-Clean,  RoHS compliant fluxes

♦ Thermal Management Materials

♦ Underfill Materials

Contact information:

Email: gluexpert@phauthuatdoncam.com,đội-bóng-đá-bỉ

Hotline: (+84) 984 695 398,tỉ-lệ-cá-cược-bóng-đá


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