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PROSTECH has solutions to bond whatever you want.

With a professional engineer team having experience in the adhesive industry and variable supplier network, PROSTECH is confident to provide customers with effective bonding solutions to optimize both quality and cost.

choi-bai-zing,Considerations when selecting an adhesive for your product and process:

1. Assembly: what type of assembly is required? What are the overall performance needs of the assembly (flexibility, high peel strength, etc.)?

2. Substrate: What are the materials that are being bonded together? Consider the surface condition texture of each material.

3. Process: What is the current assembly and manufacturing process?

4. End-use: How and where is the final product used? Working environment?

5. Cost: Where can improvements be made in the assembly process?

Common types of adhesive:

Anaerobic Epoxy
Cyanoacrylate (Instant Adhesive) Polyurethane (PUR)
UV/ Light-curing Structural Adhesive

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