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Together with adhesive, Tape is another premium bonding material in the future. Tape possess not only high strength bonding ability but also a virtually invisible fastening profile that provides a clean, smooth surface and visual appearance. Being improved day by day, currently tapes are strong enough to replace a variety of fasteners, including rivet, screws, spot welds and liquid adhesive. They provide superb performance and long-term durability for outdoor and indoor application.,webgame-viet-nam

baccarat-trending,In addition to bonding possibility, tapes are also used in other applications such as labelling, packaging, color coding and so on.

How to choose the best tapes for bonding?,5-best-players-football

1. Assembly: what type of assembly is required? What are the overall performance needs of the assembly (flexibility, high peel strength, etc.)?

2. Substrate: What are the materials that are being bonded together? Consider the surface condition texture of each material.

3. Process: What is the current assembly and manufacturing process?

4. End-use: How and where is the final product used? Working environment?

5. Cost: Where can improvements be made in the assembly process?

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