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Adhesive precise control is closely related to our lives together with continuous industrial growth and will be applied in various ways for the production process, contributing to higher productivity and reliability with precision and a lot of application technologies


Pros Technology – Expert in specialty materials & dispensing solutions.

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trò-chơi-bài-tiến-lên-miền-nam-miễn-phí,The adhesive control technology is various to the physical properties, adhesive characteristics of materials dispensed. Therefore the manufacturer should know the properties and viscosity of liquids, the amount and pattern of dispensing, working method to look for the suitable dispensing system to each application.

plat,However, every application should comply with the following basic dispensing system in order to improve productivity and reduce manufacturing cost:

1.Pump: help to dispense adhesive with high quantity within 5-gallon pail can or more.



2. Controller TAD: using the principle of inserting air into the liquid surface, to precisely control output by selecting time, pressure, needle size where the minimum level can be down to 0.0001cc.



3. Valve: The most important and complex part of the dispensing system. This component helps to optimize the minimum quantity of low viscosity adhesive. This kind of high precision dispensing valve can control the dispensing capacity by a flow sensor, so as to save materials and bring high product quality.

cá-cược-ăn-tiền-tại-sân-golf-ở-quảng-ninh,There are many types of valve suitable for different applications:

■ Diaphragm Valve: used for low viscosity materials like: Chemical, UV Coating, Anaerobic/ Instant Adhesive, Epoxy, Silicone, Medical Liquid.,trò-chơi-oggy

■ Needle off Valve (Spray): used for low viscosity materials like: Flux, Oil, Ink Grease,cá-cược-tài-xỉu

plat,■ Needle off Valve (Precision): applied in the application has a high-standard requirement about precision when dispensing the materials with middle or low viscosity as Silicone, Epoxy, UV Coating, …

■ Metering Valve,kho-game-online

w88-,■ Suck back Valve

football-việt-nam,■ Actuator Valve

■ Jetting Valve,trò-chơi-đánh-bài

baclieu-xổ-số,■ Dot Valve

4. Pressure Tank

■ These pressure tanks are used as containers of materials.
■ Various container sizes (1L~50L) makes fluid inventory control easy.
■ Containers can be modified using standard accessory options (electropolishing and Teflon coating).
■ Custom tanks can be designed and built to meet material, design, and volume requirements.
■ Accessory options for tanks, Special tanks can be built.


– HIC Sealing,game-hay-mà-nhẹ

baclieu-xổ-số,– Epoxy Potting

game-da-banh-online-tren-web,– C.O.B Sealing

– UV Bonding,trang-cá-độ-bóng-đá-trực-tuyến-uy-tín

– UV Sealing,trực-tiếp-đá-gà-mạng-thomo

trang-cá-độ-bóng-đá-trực-tuyến-uy-tín,– Silver Paste Bonding

– Two-part adhesive Molding,tiết-8-trò-chơi-ô-chữ

games-line-98,– EMI Sealing

just-cause-3-game-offline,– Gasket Sealing

– Grease Filling,trò-chơi-công-chúa

– EL Sealing,kho-game-online

kết-quả-xổ-số-miền-bắc-hôm-nay,– LED Molding

nba-hoodie,– Key-pad Bonding

cá-cược-ăn-tiền-tại-sân-golf-ở-quảng-ninh,– Solar module junction box sealing

football-việt-nam,– Bio sensor, Micro jet

This application is used in many industries, including:

– Display product,xổ-số-hà-nội-6-tây-tháng-11

– Solar energy industry,ca-cuoc-bong-da-hom-nay

– Radio communication product,real-madrid-vs-eibar

games-line-98,– ronaldo's car industry

– Electronics industry,kết-quả-xổ-số-miền-bắc-hôm-nay

xổ-số-hà-nội-6-tây-tháng-11,– Semiconductors

game-da-banh-online-tren-web,– Automotive industry

cách-tính-penalty-trong-cá-cược,– Bio Industry

f88-o'mon,– Space airline industry

– … etc,quick-baccarat-uk

There are many types of dispensing systems because of the different combinations of its components. Contact us to receive the most appropriate system with your demands.

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